Building up Chinese Primary Teachers’ Key Competences through a Global Competence-based Framework

Blended Teacher Trainers’ Training

The Blended Teacher Trainers’ Training (WP2) aims to train university teachers within the competence-based approach so that they can adjust their teaching plans and implement this approach in their courses. The blended training has two parts: the online training and the face-to-face training.

Online Teacher Trainers’ Training
The Online Teacher Trainers’ Training includes the modules designed to work the competence-based approach and the teachers’ key competences defined in the Global Teachers’ Key Competences Framework. Each module includes the learning outcomes, contents, assessment criteria and the activities and resources used.
Online Teacher Trainers’ Training
Face-to-Face Teacher Trainers’ Training
The Face-to-Face Teacher Trainers’ training proposes a 3-fullday course that aims to help teacher trainers to adjust their teaching plans into the competence-based approach. The Face-to-Face Training outputs include the planning and the materials used during the face-to-face training. The document titled “face-to-face training” includes the planning and schedule of the three-day sessions.
Face-to-Face Teacher Trainers’ Training plan
The materials of the Face-to-Face Training include three types of resources: presentations (the slides used by the trainer to present the topics), activities (the description of the learning tasks that trainees have to do), and the worksheets (the sheets and templates the participants need in order to develop the activities). The materials are organised following the three-day sessions planning.
MOOC for Teacher trainers and Primary teachers
This massive online open course has been created within the framework of TKCOM project to train teacher trainers and primary teachers within the competence-based approach. This module is offered from Beijing Normal University platform and it is composed of ten modules, which can be done independently. There is a general module about the competence-based approach and a module to work each of the competences defined in the Global Teachers Key Competence Framework.
The massive online open course