Building up Chinese Primary Teachers’ Key Competences through a Global Competence-based Framework

TKCOM Seminar at Beijing Normal University

On December, the 12th a Seminar on Pre-service teachers training within the competence-based approach was held at Beijing Normal University. The seminar aimed to convey the main points of Chongqing face-to-face training, discuss the effectiveness and shortcomings of teacher training and its practical application, and discuss the next steps. The seminar was led by Professor Xu Jianping, the Project Leader of Beijing Normal University, the Deputy Director of Institute of Psychological Measurement and Human Resources, Professor Yao Meilin,  Institute of Educational Psychology, Professor Li Qiong, the Director of Institute of Teacher Education, teachers that attending training, Bi Hongxia, Guo Wei, Zhang Yun, Cao Hui, Han feng, Ou Lusha and graduate students from the project team.

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