Building up Chinese Primary Teachers’ Key Competences through a Global Competence-based Framework

Start of the Online Training

After some months of intense work of all TKCOM Partners, the online training for Chinese University Teachers has started. The online training is part of the blended training developed within the TKCOM Project to qualify Chinese University Teachers within the Competence-Based Approach.

The online training will last five weeks in which participants will work on different contents. First, they will be introduced to the competence-based approach and its characteristics. After this first module, participants will have to choose three of the teachers’ key competences identified in Global Teachers’ Key Competences Framework. These competences have to be selected based on the initial competence level (participants will answer a self-assessment questionnaire) and the contents worked in the courses they teach. The last module consists of designing an activity that integrates the competence-based approach and includes different competences.

Some of the participants of the online training will also participate in the face-to-face training that will start on July.