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Seminar “Facing the Challenges of European Projects with Asia: Shared Learning”

On January 23rd, the UB team held a seminar to share those aspects to be considered when preparing European projects with Asian partners.

The seminar was organised in two parts. During the first part, Aïda Díaz (AGAUR) presented the possibilities of collaboration with Asia through European projects. Montse Cervera (UB-OMPI) pointed out some tips to apply for these projects, and, finally, Chlöe Balleste (UB) presented a specific example of a co-funded European project with Asia.

The second part of the project was devoted to the discussion of the main challenges faced during the development of European projects with Asia and possible solutions and strategies to overcome these challenges. Dr. Vicenç Fernández (UPC), Dr. Nicolás Patrici (UB), Dr. Elena Cano (UB), and Dr. Nati Cabrera (UOC) presented their experience and learning.

If you missed the seminar, it is available on youtube. The materials presented are available in the following link.

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