Building up Chinese Primary Teachers’ Key Competences through a Global Competence-based Framework

First meeting of the standing committee

During the Kick off meeting, it was decided that a standing committee should be created. The main task of this committee is to monitor the project’s development and to overcome any potential difficulty. The standing committee is formed by the coordinators of each partner university and meets quarterly.

The first meeting of the standing committee was held on April, the 16th. This meeting had three main aims: first, to inform about the progress of the preparation, quality, dissemination and management work packages. Second, to check how the recruitment of university teachers for the blended training was going, as well as to make decisions about the training design. Finally, to prepare the next face-to-face meeting in Chongqing which will take place on July the 24th-28th. Despite the distance, this online meeting proved to be very helpful to assess the project’s progress and try to find solutions for the faced challenges. The standing committee will meet again during Chongqing’s meeting.