Building up Chinese Primary Teachers’ Key Competences through a Global Competence-based Framework

Face-to-Face Training in Southwest University

The last stop of the face-to-face training is Southwest University. As in the other partner universities, 30 university lectures have participated in this training held in Chongqing during the 20th-23rd of July.

The aim of this training is to help Chinese teachers to move towards a competence-based approach. Participants have worked on the conceptualization and characterization of this approach in the online training, which was managed by the University of Coimbra. During the face-to-face training, managed by Nottingham Trent University, participants have thought and planned how to transfer this approach to their subjects and lessons. TKCOM partners are grateful to Southwest University members who have organized this event.

It is worth noting that the online and face-to-face training would not have been possible without the hard work of University of Coimbra and Nottingham Trent University partners!

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